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Many business owners think changing accountant or auditor is hard, because your current accountant or auditor knows and understands your business and it’s probably easier to stay where you are.

Here we dispel the difficulties of moving and show you how it’s not going to be a cost to you.

Our investment in you and your business includes:

  1. The initial meeting to gain an understanding of your business, and for you to meet our team,
  2. Our time collecting information from your former accountant or auditor, such as corporate records,
  3. Our time setting up your files in our computer system, so we are already to process the current years data, and
  4. Our time in liaising with the ATO and ASIC regarding the change of accountant or auditor and address details.

Only once everything is changed over and set up we start working on your current years business affairs and this is where our chargeable time starts. For which, of course, you can request a fee quote from us.